Summer camps provide a unique opportunity for learning and exposure to a wide range of skills. The emphasis is on activity based joyful learning generating interest in various subjects other than the curriculum, developing skills and confidence, and forming new friendships.

Amrita Vidyalayam conducted a 12-day summer camp on campus from April 1 to 12. The camp included sports events such as skating, karate, etc., as well as various arts and crafts like quilling, clay modelling, mask making, canvas painting, and sand art at Tannirbavi Beach. Children of different age groups participated enthusiastically in the activities. Zumba and snake show were the added attractions of the summer camp. Snake catcher and environmentalist, Mr. Gururaj Sanil explained how to live with snakes in Nature.

Parents were invited to be the part of the valedictory programme, during which students displayed all the art and craft items that they had prepared during the camp. Certificates of participation were also given to all the participants.