Workshop on “Active Learning” by Mrs. Shwetha Kamath

In-service training acts as a catalyst for a teacher’s effectiveness. It is also a means to update skills and knowledge for improving teaching and learning which will lead to better job performance. In-service training is also important for teachers to face new challenges and changes in the world of education, and is a fundamental aspect for improving professionalism. The effectiveness of the in-service training is extremely important so that teachers can apply the knowledge acquired during the training in the classroom.

A workshop on Active Learning was conducted for teachers of Amrita Vidyalayam Mangalore by Mrs. Shwetha Kamath, an experienced teacher and teacher trainer from Kuwait. The workshop was an interactive session. Mrs. Kamath discussed different types of learners, different learning styles, and the necessity and positive impact of incorporating Active Learning strategies in the curriculum. She further discussed Active Learning strategies like Mind Map, Hot Seat, Diamond Ranking, etc. Teachers were also given the opportunity to implement these strategies with examples and present them to the audience. It was an informative experience for the participants.