Schools play an important role in nurturing children to grow up into responsible adults and good human beings. The teacher has a great responsibility towards the development of students.

Meditation can help teachers to be calm and confident in dealing with the students. Meditation is also good for children to get over stress and enhance their learning experience.

Teacher – role model

Only half of children’s values are learned from their parents; the rest comes from their teachers and school environment. They observe everything that a teacher does and they pick up on it. When a teacher is calm and composed, they observe that; if a teacher is tense or not smiling, then they watch and imitate that.

Parents may have to deal with only one or two children, but teachers have many more in the classroom. The situation is more testing and stressful. They have to manage students with varying behaviour and different learning levels. To handle this, teachers need to centre themselves a few times every day. A lot of patience is necessary.

So, here is how Amrita equips teachers mentally every day in the morning with a refreshing meditation session with the students.